Irish – it’s not a dead language after all…


Here’s a photo of my talented god-daughter Olivia with the medal she won a couple of weeks back for second place in the Irish poetry recitation at the Feis.  Well done Olivia!  You really are a superstar.  67 children entered this year – and as the poem was the same for all – and as most of their parents probably don’t even speak Irish themselves (according to Wikipedia, about 10% of the Northern Irish population has “some knowledge of Irish”), it must have been a bit of a trial for the audience to endure. 

However, as we all know – and Olivia certainly – the pursuit of a medal is a worthwhile sport and you just have to do whatever you need to in order to get into the final 3!

Irish received official recognition in Northern Ireland for the first time in 1998 as a result of the Good Friday Agreement and these days about 4,000 kids start to learn every year as they go to secondary school.  Where I live in Northern Ireland, there’s a rich wealth of Irish culture to embrace – so perhaps it isn’t a dying language after all…



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