Happiness is a new Fig…


I know this blog strictly speaking is about people I meet along the way, but I spend so much time in my car that I’ve given it a personality all of its own.  A number of you have asked to see photos of the new Fig – so here it is in all its glory.  What a great little car.  I had my last Fig for 6 years and during that time, any of you that visited with Learning Pool in Northern Ireland have probably been in it, even some of you that are rather tall (thinking of Donald Clark!).  I’ve also met hundreds of people that I wouldn’t otherwise have talked to because they’ve engaged me in conversation about my Fig whenever I stop for more than a couple of seconds.

Can’t say the same for the rather dull hire car I’ve been driving for the past 6 weeks.  Indeed my god-daughter commented rather wryly the first day we were out together in the hire car that we hadn’t been photographed or videoed once.




  1. Wow… I saw that car, and immediately thought of the BBC’s children Doctor Who Spin Off, the ‘Sarah Jane Adventures’ (Yes I watch it even though I’m clearly not a child…. I’m a Doctor Who geek). Cause that’s what she drives round in http://imcdb.org/images/166/085.jpg I wonder if you happen to have some Sonic Lipstick as well? Just like Sarah Jane http://www.bbc.co.uk/sja/images/wallpaper/1024×768/ep3/sarah_jane.jpg


  2. If you ever come & visit Learning Pool in Derry, it’s likely that I’ll pick you up from the airport in this crazy machine…


  3. She’s a pure beaut! This time out you’ll not park it at the top of Clarendon St so some poor sod doesn’t send up the footpath.


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