Mark Nagurski, Derry’s own Martha Lane Fox – 10 things the two Digital Champions have in common

This week Mark Nagurski started his new role as Derry’s first Digital Champion.  There’s been a lot of interest in and around the appointment and it’s become a whole lot bigger & more prestigious since Derry’s win of the UK City of Culture 2013 competition.  “Digital Champion” is a job title we’d never heard of 5 years ago but it’s becoming increasingly popular.  Other job titles of a similar ilk and in the same type of space would be Brian Halligan’s appointment as “entrepreneur in residence” at MIT or the appointment of Lloyd Davis as “social artist in residence” at the University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration.

Mark’s remit is to spend the next two years promoting the burgeoning creative digital sector in the North West of Ireland.

Now I realise that Martha’s job as the UK’s Digital Champion is on a much bigger scale than Mark’s but I thought it would be a bit of fun to spot some similarities between them beyond their shared job title – so here goes:

1.       They are both internet entrepreneurs and have been deeply steeped in the internet and what it means for business and society forever

2.       Neither of them studied a technology subject at university – Martha studied Ancient & Modern History at Oxford and Mark studied International Relations at the LSE

3.       They were both born in the 1970s so they’re both still “young”

4.       They’ll both talk to anyone

5.       They both write extremely well & are articulate in conversation

6.       They love starting things and are serial entrepreneurs

7.       Neither of them have sisters

8.       They are both grafters and will work their backsides off for a cause they believe in

9.       They believe in themselves and their own abilities

10.   They know what they’re talking about and command respect from their audiences and peers.

Good luck in the new role Mark.  I for one am delighted with your appointment and I can’t wait to see the success and opportunity you’ll bring to Derry and the NW in the next couple of years.



  1. Congratulations to Mark, definately a positive boost for the City of Derry. I’ve been fortunate to know Mark over the last year or so and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious, he has a real drive to see people succeed and Derry’s profile be raised.I, for one, am over the moon to see Mark as Derry’s Digital Champion.


  2. Three years ago I worked for Andronics for a while – Mark’s brother, Kevin, was their Senior Web Developer and my mentor at the time. Kevin was the most talented Web Developer I have encountered to date. I suspect talent runs in that family!


  3. Lovely blog Mary and congratulations Mark – you’ll shine in this role! A true champion for all things digital and I know you’ll do Derry proud.


  4. I’ve also known Mark for the past year or so now & he’s the perfect choice for this role & I’m delighted he was appointed.He’s also quite a humble chap so he’s probably slightly embarrassed by all the praise! Well deserved


  5. Had the pleasure of working with Mark on a few projects recently and hold him in the highest regard – am continually amazed by his grip on all things digital media and his enthusiasm for seeing start up projects succeed. Exciting times ahead! – to boldly go where…… etcGood luck in your new post Mark


  6. Thanks all for your comments & RTs. There’s a lot of goodwill out there for Mark in his new role. I’m still nervously awaiting Martha’s comments – I know from Twitter she’s away on holiday at the moment 🙂


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