The Un-Office Christmas Party

Last December I was at a few lunches and drinks parties where a number of people said – I’m treating this as my Christmas party because I don’t have an “official” one to go to.

Anke Holst & John Popham, KIngs Cross, December 2013

Anke Holst & John Popham, KIngs Cross, December 2013

These two lovely people, Anke Holst (@the_anke) & John Popham (@johnpopham) were at one such impromptu drinks meetup in a Kings X pub that loads of other people, most of them one-man bands, turned up to.

I’m considering trying to organise something in London for this December, if anyone from my sole trader/entrepreneur/lone wolf/freelance consultant/one-man band network is interested.  After all, Christmas is only 108 days away…maybe early evening dinner somewhere fun on Tuesday 16 December?

Give me a shout on Twitter or in the comments below if you’re in.


  1. I had a similar idea in Bournemouth Mary and now this Christmas will be the fourth consecutive year that I’ve led a team organising the Meetdraw Christmas Ball. We hire a really nice restaurant and produce a Black Tie event including a 3 course meal, wine and entertainment; all for £25 (we get a sponsor to subsidise the ticket price). We sell out 150 tickets every year. It’s a blast and so good to see all the smaller guys getting together. Creates a real sense of camaraderie.
    We should catch up soon.


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