When size really matters…


Travelling back to Belfast from East Midlands airport always provides a good bit of sport.  Why?  Watching the BMI Baby Baggage Police humiliating traveller after traveller of course.  Making them cram their bags into the cage one at a time under scrutiny.  Penalty if you can’t force your bag in there – £30.

This results in the following behaviours that I’ve witnessed in the past few weeks:

Ø  grown men in suits crawling around on the dirty floor with their clothes strewn everywhere trying to repack their bag more tidily whilst everyone else in the queue climbs over them;

Ø  pensioners who probably rarely travel being terrorised into parting with their hard-earned cash (despite our loud barracking of the airline staff);

Ø  pleading and wheedling by all sorts of people, yours truly included.

Today we watched the airline delay a flight to Edinburgh whilst a man tried & tried to repack his bag in a different way – it was just the wrong shape…

BMI Baby has a less generous hand baggage measuring system than anyone else – and those extra centimetres count when the pressure’s on.  This means that if you travel a lot, like the Learning Pool team does backwards & forwards from our Northern Ireland HQ, it inevitably catches you out.  It’s that sinking feeling when you remember you’re on a BMI Baby flight (see McElvaney’s face in the pic above).

When that happens, there’s only one thing for it – head to duty free, buy something & ask the person in there for an extra big bag.  Then unload what you can from your case into it – you’re allowed to take on an additional bag if you bought it after clearing security.  Some of the Poolies have even started carrying empty duty free bags with them – different ones dependent on the airport they’re using.  As Paul always says – Learning Pool – using innovative ways to keep the cost of your subscription low.

Remember that the next time you see one of the Learning Pool team with a duty free bag – that’s all part of our commitment to customer care!