Alice Cooper

Diet Coke and Alice Cooper in Palm Springs


This is a photo of my friend Barbara & me on our way to see Alice Cooper in Palm Springs, CA last Hallowe’en.  That’s why we’re both wearing black.

The reason for it being so sunny at Hallowe’en is twofold.  First of all, Californians go out & come home again early (unlike the Irish).  Secondly, it’s always pretty sunny in the desert until it gets dark.

It was a great night – Alice sang all his hits and he got to play a few rounds of golf whilst he was there – so everyone won.  The concert took place in the sports hall of a casino and to an outsider (i.e. a non American like me) it was utterly alien.  I’m more used to going to see bands at the Academy in Brixton where you’re lucky if you get to the bar & back without someone pouring a pint (or worse) into your pocket.  In California it was all no-smoking and diet coke.  How very different.