Loch Leven Seafood Cafe review

I’m straying a bit from my usual territory here with a restaurant review.  The Loch Leven Seafood Cafe on the north shore of beautiful Loch Leven near Ballachulish and Glencoe is just too good to miss & I wanted to share it with all of you.

We called in there last Monday night when we were staying close by.  The food is divine.  Fresh fish & seafood perfectly cooked – no wonder the restaurant was busy despite the fact that it was a Monday & to be honest its location is somewhat remote.  If you’re visiting in the summer it’s probably worth booking first.

The company started out as suppliers & exporters of fresh fish and seafood and they used to have a few benches in the car park for customers to snack on shellfish they had bought in the shop.  This became so popular that 5 years ago the owners (some Scottish, some Spanish) decided to bite the bullet and open a restaurant.  This mix of cultures is reflected in their uncluttered menu.

Everything is about the food and the view from the windows (see my 3rd photo) – so don’t visit if you’re obsessed by glitzy decor…let’s face it – you can get that anywhere!

The first photo above is of my main course – fresh and lightly cooked scallops in light soy sauce with sesame seeds.  Simple and delicious.  Without doubt the best meal out I’ve had this year.

I was impressed by their people (friendly and welcoming without being overpowering).  I asked for their raw tomato soup recipe and the chef gave it to me without hesitation, even offering to mail their special Arbequina olive oil to me when I mentioned the liquid/hand luggage on planes issue.  Also the simplicity of their menu which still managed to have something for everyone.  It just shows you that even in a recession excellent businesses that have really thought about their business model, care about good customer service, execute relentlessly and have their team completely on message will thrive.

Two people, three delicious courses, £70 and a view to die for – what’s not to like?

I wonder if they could be persuaded to open the Lough Neagh Cafe…