orphan kitten

Kitten love is good love…introducing Jellytot

In the midst of today’s miserable CSR10 announcements & in view of the bad press there’s been recently about people putting cats in bins etc I thought I’d give you Jellytot’s story today – I know it’s a bit different from my usual blog but I figure everyone could do with cheering up & with a different type of news today.  Some of you already know the story – but you’ll still enjoy the pictures!

Just over 2 weeks ago, I was driving home after dropping my goddaughter off.  I was taking the back country roads as a major new bypass is under construction between Dungannon & Ballygawley – so I was way off my usual well-trodden route.  Driving along I spotted a small black kitten crouching on the road – he had enormous big luminescent eyes & seemed to be in a catatonic trance.  I pulled over next to him in the Fig & looked at him out of my window, wondering what I should do.  However, there were a few houses back from the road & I thought – maybe he does this all the time.  50 yards further on around the next bend, I saw what I believe to be his mother lying dead on the road – she’d been hit by a car probably moments before.

You can guess the rest – I turned the Fig around in short order & went back.  I knew if I didn’t pick him up the next car along would take him as the next victim and I wasn’t prepared to have that as the outcome.  I scooped him up & he sat next to me on the passenger seat – looking up at me with those big eyes.  He was a tiny scrap (vet said he was prob 4 or 5 weeks old) as you can see from the pic of Olivia holding him.

I just photographed him again now – relaxing on his blanket – belly full of treats & kitten milk – still staring straight at me.  The bond is strong already & he ain’t going anywhere – tiny menace that he is – this is one kitten who’s landed on his feet.