Something you should never, ever do…


One of my all time pet hates is writing on the backs (or insides) of hands.  No matter how desperate you are to write something down or remember something – never, ever, ever write it on your hand.  It looks truly terrible & it portrays you as a disorganised individual with no awareness of or concern about your personal appearance.

Nearly as bad as the young man I interviewed for a sales job recently – on leaving our building he stood on top of the mail in our hallway instead of picking it up & handing it to me – he didn’t get the job & he’s probably still wondering why!  This incident still makes our team laugh.

Little things really do matter.




  1. I was invigilating an exam once and a first year student held up his hand to ask a question. On the inside of his hand he’d written his cribs. His face when he realised what he’d done, the tears that followed. It meant a compulsory zero in the exam, loss of holidays and, worst of all, a letter home saying he’d been caught cheating in an exam. Tough days for students at


  2. That’s a great little story, Andy. Reminds me of the Red Dwarf episode where Rimmer covers pretty much his entire body with cribs – except for “a couple of blanks” – his buttocks!


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